Friday, April 9, 2010


I am being initiated into an annual quilt swap project! This year, it's being called the Sister Initiation Swap (SIS) and it involves Regina and her Lazy Sister Sue. This is their third year of swapping background fabrics or bright fabrics to make a quilt using the same pattern. In the past, I know that they used a pattern from Quiltville, but this time, we are using a pattern from Mary's pattern site.

I'm very excited about being asked to join in the fun! We had a due date of April 1 to send out all of our fabrics. Mine were sent in early March!

I got Regina's a few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait to post about both sets at the same time. Also, I am not counting these fabrics as fabric in on my stash report because I didn't count the fabric that I sent as fabric out when I sent it. I will count what I use as used on the report once I decide what my main fabric will be and which pieces I will use in the quilt.

Here are the strips from Regina.


And here are the goodies that Sue sent - she included a couple of belated birthday goodies!! I love the little bag!


Regina is going to be secretive of what her main color is, but I know that Sue is using red. I'm tired of not being able to show pictures and since I have started another big project that is going to be a secret until December, I will share my progress on this project. But not until I decide what my color will be. :)

The pups say...

100_2502 "We wish someone would have sent belly rubs!"


InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Gosh all these secrets!!! You've got so many projects going on, such a busy, busy girl.

Regina said...

dang, I forgot to put the belly rubs in the envelope - again!!! Will send them in the next shipment!