Sunday, June 13, 2010


Memorial Day, I went strawberry picking with my Granma, Aunt Carol and cousin Meghan. We had a blast! I had been picking before when I was a lot younger, Meghan hadn't been before and she was chattering up a storm and then wondered why Granma and I had more berries in our boxes than she did. Most of the berries were on the small to medium size because we were picking late in the season.


Once Meghan stopped running her mouth chattering, she had a lot of fun picking!


We ended up with 4 full containers and a partial.


When we got back to Granma's, we had a big lunch and took naps to rest and then got busy cleaning the strawberries and making jelly. Granma cleaned the berries, I ran them through the blender, Meghan measured out the sugar and stirred the pectin into the sugared berries and Carol cooked the pectin.


When the mixture was ready, Meghan loaded up the jelly into the jars and Carol wiped the jars down and put the lids on.



We only cleaned and jellied 2 of the trays. We had it down to a science and it only took us about 2 hours to make all of this!



The best part is that because I have the most freezer space, I am the keeper of the jelly!!!

The pups have nothing to say about this because I am a big ole meanie and haven't let them try any of it yet!

Also, someone left a comment and asked where you could pick strawberries in Ohio. Since you are set as a No Reply comment, you didn't get an answer to this question. Do what we did - search for it on the net.


Judy D in WA said...

Oh Yummy, yummy! I love fresh strawberries! I am way too lazy to go pick them myself and more than happy to pay whatever to get the good local ones. That's my project for today--they are finally at the stands. Just need to pick up some ice cream. ;-) Good job ladies.

Michelle said...

Yum! I love strawberries!

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Hubby just had strawberry soup last night. I like the flavor, but I don't like eating things with seeds in them. :0(

Jen said...

Yummy! Homemade strawberry jam is so delicious! My stepmom just taught me how to make it last week-end. I can't wait to start making my own. Hmmm...should probably invest in a huge freezer. I just can't get enough! You girls sure do got the assembly line down!