Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quilt #9 - Green and Orange 9 patch

I finished this quilt tonight for Jennifer B and it is the largest quilt that I have ever quilted at 108" square!

I used a hunter green So Fine in the top and a green Bottom Line in the bobbin and the panto was a new one to me - Jacobean. It was perfect for the fabrics used in this quilt.

Jacobean panto

Jacobean panto

Jacobean panto

I like how this turned out and I like the panto, but I won't be using it for a few quilts at least because I'm a little tired of looking at it. lol

Jacobean panto

Ready for the next one in this quilting marathon!


Jennifer said...

Nice panto and good job overall. I wouldn't be quilting for a month after that one!

Michele said...

Really nice and I probably would put that panto to rest for a little while too.