Tuesday, April 19, 2011

15 Minute Challenge - April 19th

Kate is hosting a 15 Minute a Day Challenge which encourages everyone to be creative for 15 minutes a day and then report on Tuesdays how you did in the previous week.

I reported once before the quilt show and then kept forgetting to keep track of what I did during the week to know if I spent 15 minutes on anything. Luckily, I remembered from one day to the next this week! I need to get one of my notepads and start keeping better track though.

Tuesday, April 12
Sewed a Midget Block
Wednesday, April 13
No sewing – attended a Guild meeting
Thursday, April 14
No sewing
Friday, April 15
Worked on a quilt design in EQ
Saturday, April 16
Made 2 quilt backings, finished working on design in EQ, made a Midget Block
Sunday, April 17
Assembled flamingo quilt top, trimmed blocks from class, worked on Star Struck block pieces
Monday, April 18
Worked on Star Struck block pieces

I'm hoping to get in at least 30 minutes a day for this next week. I really need to get things cleared off my sewing table so that I can cut up a couple of quilts and get working on my April UFO for Judy's Challenge.


Libby said...

I really love this idea!

Jennifer said...

I agree this is a good idea, I know I can get a lot done once I get up there!

Kate said...

You showed the Flamingo top earlier this week and it's so cute. Good luck in making 30 minutes a day for next week.

thea said...

Wow! You certainly accomplished a lot!