Thursday, September 27, 2007

I can't believe it!

I just mapquested directions from my house to the city where Jen and Cindy live and it is only 6 and a half hours! How cool is that? I could totally drive that by myself for a weekend get away! Well, that is, if they would have me for a weekend! :)

Well, I was productive last night with eHarmony. I am chatting with a guy in Dayton through the site. He seems pretty interesting right now. And another guy started sending me questions this afternoon.

Thank goodness for my new company! Tomorrow, we are having a picnic and we will be leaving the office around 11:30 and just have to stay at the picnic until 3 so it is just like only working a half day! Yippee!! Then, I can come home and take a nap and then I am going to see my niece in the homecoming parade. That should be a good time. I am going to ask my aunt to take a couple of pictures of me so that we can compare them to a picture I found last night from April. You will be shocked at the difference!


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

You just go ahead and plan a weekend and I'll make sure I'm free and clear. I have a couch that you're more than welcome to. Heck a little over 6 hours isn't much at all. I have plenty of sewing tables and we'd have a great time. Maybe we could even coordinate it with a visit from Michelle.

Michelle said...

OOOOOOOoooooooooooooo....wouldn't that be fun!!!!

Jen said...

I'm SO in!! That would be soooo exciting. You know, if you really look at it, our whole "group" really isn't that far from each other. Kristy can't be much more than a few hours from you. Moniek is probably the furthest in SD. I've only been to SD once, and we started the drive after work so we stayed in Rochester, MN. I'm not really sure how long it would take.

Maureen said...

Okay since I am so close to Jen I am in on whatever events are planned...quilt shop hop, sewing, dinner, drinks and dessert...playing the quilter's trivia game. Hey mix that with some Jello Jigglers of Jen's and we will have a good time...I think it was Watermelon Vodka she used in the shots....I mean Jello Jigglers! :-)


Michelle said...

We may have to rent us a hotel room or two, and split it between us. Wouldn't that be fun?