Thursday, October 18, 2007

Last Post for the evening....


Right now, it is almost 9 PM. I am off of work tomorrow so that I can get ready for the quilt retreat with fellow sorority sisters in Cleveland, Ohio. I am picking Maddy up around 2:30 so that we can go. We have to stop at a quilt shop somewhere and I have found a few in the Columbus area that we will try to go to. We are planning on making our pillowcases using our men fabric this weekend and we both need the cuff and flange fabric.

I stopped at Joann's and WalMart and a grocery store on my way home from work. I had every intention of ellipticalling when I got home, but I had not eaten anything since lunch and the shopping wore me out. I got on the machine for less than 10 minutes. I feel like such a wuss!! Tomorrow, I am on it for sure! Unless.... just kidding! :)

I am hoping that my machine behaves this weekend after eating some fabric at the class on Tuesday night. I have sewn a few more pieces of the Wagon Wheel blocks and it seemed to be working then. I think that I was pulling the bottom fabric too tight and it wasn't moving enough through the feed dogs. So I am going to be more careful of that this weekend.

Well, I have my humongous list of things that I am taking with me. I will post them in the morning before I leave and possibly while I am actually packing them up. Then, when I get back, I will update the list and we can see how productive I was! This weekend should be a more productive weekend than I anticipate having when I go to Milwaukee to see Jen, Cindy, Michelle and Maureen.

But I am not starting the weekend off very well since I am sitting here at the laptop. So, I am off!

Oh, I am thinking that I should give an update on the guys. I have been instant messaging a guy in Dayton (actually north of Dayton, but it's really all Dayton) and I have progressed to talking on the phone to a guy in northern Kentucky. I have really enjoyed chatting with Dayton, but he never asked for my number so I wasn't sure what the deal was. He also never asked me to meet him, but asked a lot about first dates. Tuesday, I finally asked if he was ever going to ask for my number and he finally did. I am waiting patiently (OK, not really so patiently) for his call. I am thinking that it will be tonight. **keeping my fingers crossed while I start to sew and pack** The other guy works with my co-worker's husband. We (my co-worker and I) have had a lot of interesting conversations on this fact. I have talked to the guy twice on the phone and he seems very abrupt. We have probably not been on the phone for more than 25 minutes total. Very odd. Anyway, he wants to meet next week, but with his work schedule, he never knows week to week when he will be off. And he works 13 hour days. I am not liking that too much.

OK, now, I am off!

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