Saturday, November 24, 2007

What a Friday!

Yesterday, I took Claire and Spencer to see Bee Movie. It was very cute! And the kids had a good time. Claire ate almost an entire bag of popcorn AND her Junior Mints and then had a tummy ache for the rest of the day and night. I think that both of the kids didn't have enough sleep on Thursday night because they were going at each other for most of the day. I told them that if they didn't watch it, they would be headed for bed at 7! Luckily, Ryan stopped by at 8:50 and said bedtime in 10 minutes so they didn't have a choice but to go and not argue about it!

I knew that I was going to be over there until late because Nikki was working and Ryan was playing cards until late in the neighborhood. So I took some fabric and my cutting supplies and was going to set myself up at the kitchen table. Once I brought everything into the room, I realized that the kitchen counter was a perfect height and I set up there. I cut for an hour and a half and my back didn't even start hurting! Of course, you can't really tell how high the counter is without a person standing next to it.

I was able to cut all my pieces for a super easy Charm Pack table runner with Halloween fabric. I love the fabrics and I think that I will be able to get this one pieced and quilted relatively quickly. It looks very easy!

Here is the finaly picture of the Easy Striped Table Runner that I finished on Thanksgiving for Nikki. I thought about using a green for the backing and binding, but I think that the red stands out better. And I only did a straight line quilting along some of the strips in the fabric using my walking foot on my machine. It still looks great! And it holds up well to Ethan driving his 'rides' (cars) over and over it on the coffee table!

Speaking of Ethan, anytime you mention pictures or pull a camera out, he cheeses. This was him on Thanksgiving! I just had to share!

Now, I am off to straighten my bedroom and start sewing!


Jen said...

Kitchen counters are awesome to cut on. I never thought I'd get used to it but man, Michelle brought me a cutting table that she found in a thrift store. She got it for $15. You might want to look for one for your sewing room, you'll love it! And it folds down! I never would have paid full price but man, for $15 it's perfect!

Moneik said...

I love kitchen counters! I wish I had one in my room. The sewing room designer I listened to said your cutting space should be approximately 37" off the floor.