Sunday, December 23, 2007

The I Spy is QUILTED!

This should be my last post for a while. I think that this will cover all of the pictures that I have taken, but hadn't had a chance to post in the last few days.

Yesterday, I ran around and did some last minute shopping. I had stopped in Petsmart to see about getting the dogs some new toys and they had a buy one, get one free promotion on some toys. I got the dogs 6 new toys and they still haven't destroyed one yet. Here is Max with their 2 favorites. And yes, it is Max with Maisy's favorite. She didn't want her picture taken apparently.

Max's favorite is a little brown bear looking thing. He took it and ran to his chair and sat for about half an hour with it and then carried it around all night last night.

Maisy liked this toy - it is an imitation blow pop and the stick part is a different texture. She loves chewing on the fabric that is sticking out like the wrapper would!

And now! The I Spy quilted! I did a different quilting in the picture parts than the green parts. The inside green part looks a little messier than the outside green part, but that could also be me just over analyzing the job that I did.

I just used a natural or ecru (whichever was darker) Coats & Clark thread for the picture parts and a green variegated for the green parts. I think that it makes the green look pretty cool. I used the darker thread in the picture part so that the quilting wouldn't be as noticeable - this was Jen's idea. I also quilted names in the outer most picture part - Claire, Ethan, Spencer, Mom, Dad and Mimi. And I quilted their last name in the middle picture part.

OK, I am off to work on the binding, laundry, blocks, cleaning, and purses. And I am in the process of watching Live Free or Die Hard. I think that I have only made it through 20 or 30 minutes of the movie, but it is just as good as the other ones. I think that I need to own this!

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Jen said...

Good Job Jill!!