Sunday, December 2, 2007

Woo hoo!!!

I have finished my nine patch blocks for the Star and Nine Patch quilt!! I am very excited! They are (mostly) the required size - 9 1/2 inches! I am very excited to be done with them!

Now, I have to trace the pattern for the rest of the Santa table runner and iron the webbing onto the fabric so that I can cut out the pieces at my Guild meeting tomorrow night. After the meeting, I will have to come home and prepare the rest of the table runner top for class on Tuesday night.

Once I get my pieces traced and ironed tonight, I am going to cut apart the half square triangles for the star blocks. I will then have to make quarter square triangles and then piece those blocks together. That will have to be done by Friday night. I think that it completely do-able!

Once last thing - I got the new JoAnn's flier for this week and the sewing tote that was on sale on Black Friday is on sale again this week. The sale isn't as great as it was on Black Friday, but it is still more than 50% off. HINT, HINT - It would be a great Christmas present! =)

Happy Sewing!

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Jen said...

I hope you get that tote! I hinted about the side winder bobbin winder the other day and finally my mom just said...ENOUGH ALREADY I GOT YOUR HINT THE FIRST 12 TIMES.