Friday, December 21, 2007


I am online!!! It is the greatest feeling in the world - knowing that I am connected to all of my online blogging buddies and all of my sites that I look at! I seriously was having anxiety at work today about what I was going to have to do to get everything to work. I ended up unplugging the cable cord and then power cords to my wireless boxes again and turning the computer on and everything worked! Thank goodness!

So, I no longer have to run around to determine if the problem is laptop or cable related and I can now get down to business. And by business, I mean into PJ's and comfortable! I also can't decide if I want to try and FMQ something tonight or just clean everything up and relax and watch TV. I sort of feel like I need a nap since it was such a hectic day at work. But I am also afraid that if I relax tonight, I may end up feeling like crap tomorrow or Sunday and since I am already behind.....

But I also have to post some pictures and I can't sew and post pictures.

Decisions, decisions!


Jen said...

Oh good, I'm glad you're back. It would have been a really long weekend without you!!!

Moneik said...

Glad to hear you got it all worked out. We would have missed you and I know it would have been a long weekend without it. We didn't have it Thanksgiving weekend, so we were really missing ti.