Thursday, January 31, 2008

Busy Little Bee

I have been a busy little bee this week! After the excitement on Saturday, I tried to just relax on Sunday. But I ended up being very productive!

I had wanted to work on the Star and Nine patch on Sunday, but that didn't happen. Instead, I worked on getting addresses for the donation letters for the St. Jude Quilt Retreat and watched some TV.

Around 12:45, I left to go to the first class in the Color Lecture being offered by Best Friends. It was quite interesting. I am not sure how I feel about needing help picking colors. I think that I do OK. But a lot of times, I will copy a pattern's colors or just buy the kit for a class. I guess that eventually, I should branch out a little more. We shall see what happens. There are 2 more classes in the lecture series for this quarter. Best of all, it was a free class!

After the class, I browsed through their selection of books and patterns and made some notes about the designers and the publishers. Jan, the owner, came over and asked what was going on and I told her that Judy and I were getting addresses to ask for donations. Last year, the store gave us a $30 gift certificate and Jan knew all about the retreat because she would ask me questions when I was taking classes. Jan offered to talk to her reps when they came in and see if she could get us anything else. She said that a lot of times the reps will have things to give away and they should give a little something at least because this is a good cause. She also had said that she would find her list that she had on the computer of addresses that they use and email it to me. She was very helpful.

Once I got home, I worked on the addresses until about 11 Sunday night. When I went to bed, I had a very small stack of individual patterns to go through and get their addresses.

Monday night, we had our Guild small group here at my house. While we chatted, I finished getting addresses and then started working on my setting triangles for the Star and nine patch quilt. I got them finished after everyone left and I got them thrown up on my poor man's design wall. I left the traingle where they were and then on Tuesday morning, I made a few adjustments. I think that it looks really good, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet.

Tuesday night, I finished stuffing envelopes and started putting the address and return address labels on the envelopes. No sewing that night. Wednesday night, I got a bunch of stamps and got all of the envelopes sealed and stamped. Now, I am going to stop at the post office on my way to work and drop the letters into the mail! I am very excited to be done with them!

Last night, I also got to work a little bit on the pieced border on the star and nine patch quilt. I thought that I had enough pieces cut for the border, but I don't and I will have to cut some more. The pieced border is made up of 4 patches on point so I have the squares cut but not cut into triangles for the triangles and I had a bit of fabric cut for the 4 patches. I just didn't have enough strips cut. I started trying to cut more strips last night and gave up at 11:15. Tonight, I will try to cut some more before I start packing up for the weekend.

This weekend, I am going to a retreat with a few friends. This is the third year that I have gone to this retreat on Super Bowl weekend. This retreat is at the same place that the April St. Jude Retreat is at so I will take lots of pictures so everyone can see what to expect!

I was hoping that I would be able to work a little later throughout the week this week so that I could leave early on Friday and get to my retreat, but I don't think that is going to happen. I haven't even packed anything yet. I suppose that my being a busy little bee isn't over yet.

I still haven't even decided what I am going to take with me to the retreat. I guess that I just have too much that I am working on!


Moneik said...

Wow, slow down or you'll be too tired to sew this weekend. Have fun at your quilting retreat. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Connie said...

Holy smokes--you are a wild woman! I wish I had some of that energy!

Michelle said...

You have been a busy little bee! Your efforts will not go unnoticed, and your rewards will be great!

Have a wonderful time at your retreat this weekend!