Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

I am so happy that there are only 2 more days left this week! I am in the process of finishing up a project at work. I was there until 8 PM last night and about 6:45 tonight. Hopefully, tomorrow won't be so bad and Friday I will have to leave by 5 to get to a quilting class.

Because of the late work hours this week, I decided that I am going to put some scraps together for Friday's class since the Star and Nine patch quilt isn't put together yet and I probably wouldn't have time to do that this week. We are going to learn how to put a pieced border on a quilt where there will be mitered corners. I think it is going to be very difficult.

Last night, since I got home so late, I started getting addresses together and on labels to mail the donation letters for the retreat. I am just shy of 60 addresses so far and I still have a long way to go! I am getting very excited with the thoughts of what will be showing up on my doorstep for the raffle items!

Tonight, I vegged a little, but I am going to get some addresses now. Or maybe I should just get some sleep. We are supposed to have snow over night which means that it will be an aggravating commute in the morning!

And I am also hoping that I can finish the Harry Potter book that I have been listening to. I was so reluctant to read any of the books because I thought that they would be too juvenile or too sci-fi for me. I am actually enjoying them. I on the last 2 or 3 CD's on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I can't wait to drive in the morning to see what happens. Or to hear what happens! :)

And now that it has been a couple of days since the excitement over the weekend with all of the company, Max is doing great! I was afraid on Monday that he was going to be moaning again because his skin was crawling on Monday night, but he is doing great. I made him go up the stairs tonight because my hands were full and I think he was upset that I expected him to do that stairs himself. Geez, a few weeks of special treatment and he is acting like he can't do anything by himself! :)


Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Isn't it funny how quickly our little fur kids get spoiled? With Murphy you do something twice and it's a habit.
Your week at work sounds like how mine has been going. All I've done all week is come home from work and sleep. I decided that the weekend for me will be for quilting.
I'm sure you'll be able to master the quilting in your class. You're doing wonderful for someone who's only been quilting for a year.

Moneik said...

Long hours at work really take the life out of me too. Hope you have a good time and learn a lot at your class on Fri. Miters are interesting to learn.

Jen said...

Miters aren't hard to learn, they're just hard to duplicate! I get how they're supposed to look but I always take one stitch too far or too few.

Connie said...

I hear you on the dog learning too fast about getting babied. My old girl Zoe once developed a severe arthritis/inflammation problem and could not do stairs. We put her on glucosamine (which worked GREAT) but until she healed, I had to haul her 65 lb. half pit bull chunky butt up the stairs! MAN was that a load to carry! Think of it as bicep curls! :)