Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a productive day!

Jeanette showed up bright and early at 10 AM! I was just drying my hair and getting dressed so I helped her bring in her supplies and then got myself ready and we set up the family room for everyone who was going to be here today. I also made a box of Cinnamon Muffin Melts from Tastefully Simple. We decided that we could only comfortably fit 4 quilters and we had five (maybe six) for today so Jeanette ran home to get another small table that she has. While she was gone, I was to set up my area and start working on my star and nine patch quilt. Well, that didn't happen. I think that I was still getting the muffins ready and organizing areas. Once Jeanette returned, Cathy followed shortly after.

Cathy unloaded her car and went right to town on her project!

I think that Judy showed up shortly after this and she started working on a baby quilt. Then, Patrice got here. Of course, the dogs were just ecstatic that they had company and that the company kept bringing in bags of stuff for them to sniff and get their dog snot all over! I was very happy that the dogs were so well behaved. Cathy even brought them treats!

As I was trudging along on my star blocks, everyone seemed to be making progress so I fixed lunch. Jeanette brought a beef barbeque and Cathy brought a veggie tray to share and I had gotten fruit so we made a fruit salad. It was a great little lunch. Unfortunately, I forgot that I had grapes for the fruit salad so I just added them to the salad for the dinner service!

Judy made great progress on her blocks. She got her first row put together and then realized that she was out of the red and needed more. Of course, she had bought it from the Fabric Shack and she called to find out that they were open until 5 so she had to run out and get some more. Of course, Jeanette didn't want to her to get lost, she she went along for the ride. They left just about at 3 PM.

Jeanette's abandoned workstation
Judy's abandoned workstation

While they were gone, Cathy, Patrice and I kept sewing! Patrice was working on a basket quilt in reproduction fabrics. This was the second row that she was working on. She had 1 row finished and 2 more to do and she got both of them done today! The picture doesn't do it justice - the blocks are awesome!

Cathy left shortly after this and Patrice and I took bets on how much money Jeanette would spend because we were sure that she wasn't just along for the ride! I thought that they would've stopped at Aunt Ruth's for the big sale, too, but I was wrong! When they got back, Jeanette went home to have dinner with her hubby and I made homemade macaroni and cheese to go with the fruit salad and barbeque for dinner. When we were done with dinner, Jeanetter got back and we were back to sewing. Well, just for a little while. The ladies were all pleased to hear that there was pie and we just had to cut into it!

After pie, Patrice left for the evening and Jeanette got to work on attaching a binding to a quilt. Max had a little accident on my lap and I had to change real fast. He has been eating and drinking more since he has been on the medication and he was so excited that I was holding him for a couple of minutes that he just couldn't help himself. We found it humorous! And I think that he was embarrassed. It was the only accident that the dogs had today, so I was OK with it.

And finally, here I am chain pieceing away for the star and nine patch star blocks. Everyone loves the colors, but these star blocks are never ending! I need to have 36 of them done and right now, there is only one completed! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to knock them out!

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Jen said...

I LOVE the picture of their missing bodies from their sewing stations!!