Thursday, February 7, 2008

Retreat - Sunday

Sunday morning, I ended up waking up at 7:11 again. And I was wide awake so I got up and got started on the blocks and rows of the star and nine patch. Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with cheese, a cup of fruit, a biscuit and homemade strawberry jelly. It was wonderful! I ate and then got back up and back to the quilt because I wanted to try and get it together before I left. I was having some trouble because the seams were starting to come out of some of the blocks and I ended up with a couple of holes in seams that I had to fix.

Here is a picture of my progress around 9:30.

Carol finished her first quilt top this weekend and she was able to sandwich it and tie it. She was very proud of herself!

Mary was also able to get the borders on the Halloween quilt that Jane gave her. No prairie points...

Here I am sewing rows together. By 11, I was trying so hard to get all of the rows together, but the ironing was the pits because the seams had to be pressed open because of all of the bulk from the points. I was griping about it a lot and it was definitely slowing me down.

So I asked Mary if she wanted to iron seams for me and she didn't hesitate to help me out. Everyone really wanted to see all of the blocks together before they left.

I think that I was down to 2 seams and they rang the lunch bell. We had chef salads and lemon cake with a marshmallow fluff topping. There was lemon pudding throughout the cake. It was very light and yummy!

And here is the room where we ate. We would walk through the kitchen and pick up our plates and then find a seat.

After lunch, I hurried back out to the table to try and finish the rows. Everyone else in my group was getting ready to leave, but I decided to stay until 3 when they would kick us out so that I could keep working on the quilt top. I finally got the blocks and rows all put together! Everyone went crazy over it!

And here is a picture of my group before everyone else left.

Once everyone from my group was gone, I trimmed up the quilt to get a 1/4 from my points on the setting triangles and started putting the first border on it. I got the first border finished around 2:30 and then those of us who were still there packed up and we gone by 3.

Here is the quilt with the first borders.

There are so many pictures that I didn't blog about, but I think that you would like to see them. Here is a slideshow of all of the Retreat pictures.

Feb 2008 Retreat


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

That smile on your face says so much. You can tell how much you enjoyed yourself and I'm so glad you got that top finished. It's wonderful....
Regina in MI

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

Your pictures from Ruby are great. It sure looks like you had a great time, that all of you had a great time. I love the quilt top you made.

Hazel said...

Great time indeed ,every one looks so happy and food looks delicious , not so sure about the bunk beds LOL .There's was some lovely work being done ,and your quilt turned out beautiful .

Bethany said...

Your quilt turned out beautiful!

Amelia said...

There were some beautiful pieces of work there. Truly enjoyed the pictures!

Jen said...

That looked like a fabulous time! I can't wait to go. I'm so excited!! Your Nine patch & stars is just georgeous. I don't know about all of those opened seams though, that's insanity!! Make sure you don't stitch that quilt in the ditch because you'll take the strength away.