Monday, February 25, 2008

To Anonymous

And by 'Anonymous,' I mean COWARD!

To anyone confused, I am directing this post to the moron who left this comment on my last post without signing his or her name:

If your going to be dumb,You've got to be tough

I am not sure what point you were trying to make, but I feel that your comment was unnecessary. I was sharing my clumsiness with my friends and fellow bloggers, some of which have also had some accidents in the past 6 weeks.

I'd like to know - How exactly was I 'dumb' while walking through a parking lot that had ice throughout? Was it because I was walking? What exactly could I have done to not be so 'dumb?'

I can only assume that my single comment about being sore is what prompted the thought that I am not being tough? I did not plan on spending any more time on this incident until I read this comment. I am having no problems whatsoever dealing with this accident and it is not hindering me AT ALL.

Now, how tough do you feel with leaving a comment like this without a name?


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

What an coward, is right. Like the concept of falling or an accident elludes them? I, too, have been getting weird comments, but I just delete them. What an idiot....
Regina in MI

CatQuilter said...

OK, then let the coward see if he or she can walk around greater Cincinnati in weather like we had last week WITHOUT slipping or sliding! I'll volunteer our driveway for the experiment!

Sorry you had to read that cowardly crap, Jill.


Hazel said...

Ignore comments like that ,I think they just want attention .

mamaspark said...

Well, that just shows there are some really mean spirited people in the world that have NOTHING better to do than to take time and leave nasty comments. Wow, their life must be so sad!!

Moneik said...

Some people have nothing better to do. Ignore their ignorance.

Michelle said...

I think someone has some serious mental issues.

Anonymous said...


While all of this might be true did it ever occur that the reason the "anomymous" choice is there might be due to the fact that someone wasn't registered?

Now you know who I am, you know that there wasn't anything malicious (oh I hope I spelled that right, seeing how you missed the pun but felt the need to correct my spelling). It happens to be a saying we share quite frequently around our house. It helps one learn to laugh at the little twist life tends to throw at us.

And the humous part was not the fall, Yes I live in Cincinnati and know about slipping, but the fact that you were more worried about being seen.

So enjoy it in the good humor that it was meant in and please share that I am not just some random Quilting Stalker.

Love and kisses to all.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least he can sort of apologize. I think that was his point.
the winner has more fabric aka Karen
I am going to use anonymous to keep out of trouble.