Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Manic Monday?

Not really. Today was pretty low key for me. Work wasn't as hectic as it was last week. Or maybe it was and I just didn't let it get me down.

After work, I went to our monthly Guild meeting. We had 3 speakers. Two speakers work together to give quilt appraisals. For some reason, the speakers and microphone weren't working so we couldn't hear them very well and they kept trying to talk over the murmuring in the audience. I wasn't really impressed. I mean, I couldn't hear what they were saying and I was bored. I do think that appraising quilts is very interesting, but I have no idea what they look at and why even after this talk.

The last speaker was Meg Cox. She has a new book out - The Quilter's Catalog. Click here for a write up by the one and only Mark Lipinski. Now, I think that we can establish a trend here - if it has Mark's approval, it's a must have! I thumbed through the book last night and it looks pretty good and very informative.

After I got home and checked emails, the dogs wanted to go outside so we went. My neighbor, Aaron, was out and we started chatting. I asked him what all of the noise was over the weekend. On Saturday, there was some pounding in the basement of their condo that prevented me and the dogs from napping. And we heard it on and off on Sunday, too. He is putting in a sump pump and it is going in next to the wall that is common to me. He said that they had 6" of water in their basement because their drain clogged up during the big rain a couple of weeks ago. He also said that he is getting on the Home Owner's Association to re-grade the backyard because the yard slopes towards the house on our end of the building. He also said that the the next neighbor is putting in a sump pump, too, and that with the 2 of theirs that our building should not have any more problems with water. And he confirmed my thoughts about where the water was coming from - the cracks in the middle of the floor. That was where they could see theirs coming in.

Aaron also said that if there was ever anything that I needed help with to let him know and that he was usually around. I had asked him about a problem that I was having with an outlet in my bedroom, but Ryan took care of it when he was over helping with the carpet. Aaron asked about it last night and said if there was anything else that I should just let him know since he is so close. We also talked about the insulation that he added to their attic and he said that he could do that for me and it only cost about $300 and they could definitely see a difference. And they are looking at replacing the windows. I am going to have to get my taxes done and see how much is coming back and see if he thinks that we could get a discount if we got windows at the same time.

Well, this morning is my too much fun IT meeting so I have to get going to work. Tonight is a sorority meeting with people from other chapters to discuss this year's St Jude's Dream Home. I will have more information after our meeting.


Carol Van Rooy said...

Is that a chapter of Beta Sigma Phi??? I'f so we are literally sisters (HEHEHE).

Second handshake being given now.

Deb (vtquilter) said...

Sounds like you have great neighbors! Hopefully none of you will have water issues again. Love the pictures of the rooms...it seems that company coming always gets us to finish things and clean and organize!

Moneik said...

So great to hear people are helping with the water issues.

Jen said...

I wanna be Jill's & Regina's sister. {Pout}

Your neighbor is so awesome!!

Seriously though...6 days left to do those taxes.