Wednesday, April 2, 2008


OK, Ladies! No more 'sorry's for me! I don't want a pity party about this George garbage. Let's celebrate so to speak and do some good old fashioned Men Bashing! Share your stories about your weird dating experiences or the strange things that your hubbies do. I will be organizing my fabric and spare bedroom this week and I can probably find a couple of fat quarters for the best story or stories. C'mon people - Make me laugh!!!

Seriously though, I got a great night's sleep last night thanks to some great chats with Mary Beth, Joanne and Jen. Work should be a normal day today with a 2 hour meeting with auditors and the hospital executives. I am actually looking forward to this meeting because we will be getting information on federal funded capital projects. Plus, it will be 2 hours away from my desk. :)

I am feeling really good today! I am hoping that I can stop at my quilt shop if I can leave work early enough. If not today, then definitely tomorrow!

Jen reminded me last night about Bubba being lonely. I said that I will have to play nice with him for the next few weeks so that he doesn't decide to poop out on me at the quilt retreat. That would be awful!! I am absolutely going to make some time with him this weekend. I am going to post my most pitiful monthly accomplishments so far. I haven't done anything since the beginning of March. It's just pathetic to realize that I pretty much wasted the entire month! Well, moving on...

I also need to catch up on blogs. I think that I am 300 posts behind... I haven't read any of the blogs in our ring except for Jen's because I knew that I wouldn't have time to post. That will be a goal for my weekend. These posts will be great breakfast reading! :)

Some great news - I am at 41 pounds lost! It was quite a shock when I jumped on the scale this morning and saw the lowest number EVER! I am getting quite close to my goal weight with Weight Watchers and I really need to step it up to make it there. It would be great to make goal soon and actually be able to go to meetings and not have to pay!


Moneik said...

Have a great time catching up. It was a slow week last week as quite a few were on vacation. My funniest bad dating experience was when I dated a guy who was a few years older than me and he dumped me when he found a new woman online (after he had told me how terrible the internet was because his wife had left him for someone she met online!) I was a teacher and didn't make enough money for him. He met the woman online at the end of July, we broke up in early Aug., and she wrote out a check for $25,000 for the down payment on a new pickup for him in late Aug. and he married her in Sept. of the same year. He spent $8,000 on an engagement ring for her and didn't have it paid off when he divorced her in Jan. He didn't realize the reason she had so much money was because she was a drug dealer and he just didn't want his kid exposed to that kind of lifestyle!! I guess you really should get to know someone before you marry them!

Jen said...

Man, Moneik beat my shortest marriage story!! Mike's got a buddy who got married, divorced 4 months later before the thank you's went out or they got their pictures from the photographer because she decided she was a lesbian. You'd think she would have had an inkling 4 months earlier!!!

Jen said...
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Regina said...

congrats on the weight loss - and getting back to sewing...

No man bashing stories from me right now - maybe will post one later.

Michelle said...

I had the world's worst parents, and my stepdad was just an A$$***. He made my life hell. One weekend, and it had to have been on a holiday weekend, such as the 4th of July or Memorial weekend, my sweetie, Louie, asked me to go to the all night drive in. I said I didn't know if I could, because I was afraid to ask to stay out all night. We went to the drive-in, but I worried all the time we were there, because I didn't want to get in trouble for staying out too late. I never gave him an answer as to when I needed to go home, and he was angry because I probably wasn't going to stay all night. Usually at the all night drive in, there were 4 movies, which ran from dusk til dawn. After the first movie, we had been having a disagreement about how late I was going to stay out, and he went to the concession stand, or so I thought, but before he left, he said to me, "If I want companionship, I'll get a dog". He never came back. The second movie played, and then an intermission between the second and third movie. Now all the time the second movie was playing, I kept looking out the window trying to see where he was. There were usually little groups of people hanging out, so I thought he was just hanging out with some group.
I wasn't the type to wander all over the drive-in grounds to try to find him, so I just stayed there, being miserable, looking to see if I could see him somewhere. About half way through the third movie, he came back. Now, keep in mind, I was in HIS car. He opened the door and said, we have to go. I asked him where we were going. He said he needed to take someone home. Do you know where he went? He walked 5 miles into town! He went to a bar to play pool, and ran into someone who was too drunk to drive, so he drove this guy's car out to the drive in to get me, and I had to follow him back into town, and he dropped off this guy, and his car, then we drove around town and continued our arguement. Now, by this time, it is after 2am! So here I am, staying out late anyway. I should have just said, ok, I'll stay out all night, and avoided the arguement, but then I would have been out until 5 or so, and I would have had to endure the H*ll at home. Just wasn't my day to win!

But, I think that is the worst thing I can think of that Louie did to me, so I can't complain much, huh?

Louie was my second boyfriend. My very first boyfriend was his friend who lived across the street from me when we moved to Maquoketa from Oxford Junction. I dated Steve for two months. One night, he took me parking on a level B road and wanted to have his way with me. I told him no. He brought me home, never came around again, or asked me out again, but he WOULD come to the door and ask to see my BROTHER! I didn't eat much for two weeks because I was so heartbroken, and if you know me, you know that that is almost impossible!

Anyway, God blessed me with Louie, and he has decided he would rather have me, than a dog.

Sandra said...

I think you need to forget about George. You know what they say" It's his lost not yours" Congrats on the weightloss. I also go to ww I've lost 20 lbs. since January.

Maureen said...

I was so excited to see how much weight you lost...I bet you look great!

I did date one guy who wouldn't take me to meet his family because I didn't loook like a model (well if you saw me then - I was thinner - but not "Thin" - you would have thought I was OK). Anyways we were supposed to go out and he called me to tell me his grandma died so he had to go home to Indiana. I figured he would call when he got back in town but no... I found out a little later from my brother that he was seeing someone else "who looked like a model" and he could take her home to his family. My brother felt bad telling me but he thought I was better off knowing what he was really like.

Hazel said...

Wow congratulations on the weight lose ,that's awsome.
I like your spirit ,you'll find Mr Right when the time is right .Until then enjoy yourself .

Anonymous said...

What about the guy who asked me and another girl to the same prom?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. You must be close to your goal. What special quilt project are you going to give yourself as a gift when you reach that goal.
Sorry about George. My worse dating story is about I guy I got engaged to and then found out he had been accused of molesting his step daughter's in a previous marriage. He was gone in less than an hour and the locks changed on the door with 5 minutes after that. I had a 14 year old daughter at the time.
Be glad that some good things came out of the relationship.
My only recommendation is to find a different way to meet potential dates. The guys at work usually end up to be heart breakers and then you still have to face them. Remember to walk with pride, keeping your backbone straight and if you "run" into George just look him straight in the eye and walk on!
I cannot wait until the quilt retreat for ESA! Patrice was to send you my check along with hers. I am going to be able to go and it feels great!
Karen from Quilted Chaos

CatQuilter said...

OK, here's my story: I had been dating this guy for about four months and it was the holiday season. I figured I'd get some romantic gift from him - a piece of jewelry for instance. Imagine my surprise when I opened up two large packages - the first was a 10 pound sack of charcoal, the second - a small portable grill. "Well, you said you wanted to be able to grill out on your porch," was his explanation. I should have paid serious attention to his lack of romance, but married the guy the next year. We're now divorced.


BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Yay Jill! I just love your attitude about it all. Just glad you found out who he really is before it went to far along. My first hubby was a mama's boy. Not just an ordinary mama's boy. This was to the extreme. When he left for work in the mornings, he would stop by his mother's house and she would RE-iron his shirts because I just didn't do it right. She spent more time inside my house than I did. Every single weekend was spent at the inlaws. I couldn't take it..... Family time is fine...but OMG! Enough already!
This time, I married a very independant man, because I'm very much the same way. We are united but not surgically attached to one another and I like it that way.
Hang tuff! Life is an adventure...
Regina in MI

Colleen said...

Excellent job on the weight. I went to the doc last week and she said I need to lose 20 lbs, so I'm in need of tips! When I hit the halfway mark, my hubby said I could get a new sewing machine. You would think this was motivation enough, but....

On to the boys. I was dumped on my 16th birthday by my boyfriend. He was too chicken to do it and had my cousin, who had hooked us up, call to tell me. The boyfriend after him dumped me the day before he left for the Iowa State Fair. The reason- he knew he would probably cheat on me there, so why not end it.

Gina said...

Not a dating disaster but a funny from Mal and I.

Remember that we've been married for 16 years.
Last summer I was in town and because the parking was bad, Mal dropped me off and drove around until he could find somewhere. I came out of the shop and couldn't see him. Then I heard soomeone whistling and clicking his fingers. It was Mal and he was trying to catch my attention. I went mad and said 'Don't you dare whistle for me like that. what the hell do you think I am'. His reply
' I had to I couldn't remember your name. '
16 years of marriage and he forgets my name. there's no hope.

love and hugs xxx