Friday, May 16, 2008

End of the work week...

Thank goodness! This seemed like a very long week and I am glad that it's over.

This was the first week that we had the auditors in for the interim audit before our year end June 30th. They give us an idea if there is anything that we need to make adjustments for in the books so that we can fix it before year end and then we don't get a bad mark for the real audit after the year end. I had to spend the week getting invoices together and making copies of our project packets. For those that don't know, I am the fixed asset accountant for my company and that means that I create and maintain project information for any asset that is bought for the company.

In preparation for making copies, I had to pull out all of the staples from the packets. The guy who was in the position prior to my hiring must have *loved* staples. In this one stack of 70 papers, these are the staples that I pulled out. At least 20 staples. It was ridiculous! Thankfully, there were only a few packets that were from his days in the job and most of the packets that I put together only have one staple.


I think that staples are a great invention, but this was just overkill!

Once I was ready to make copies, I kept walking back into my office and realized that this quilt is a very happy and cheery quilt! My co-worker wasn't at work on Thursday or Friday so I still have the comfort quilt and I had it draped over my chair so that others in the office could see it.


My eyes were drawn to it every time I walked in my office and it made me smile. I hope the it does the same for my co-worker's son!

Tomorrow, Patrice and I are going to the Miami Valley Quilt Guild's Quilt show. I am very excited! I hope that there are frames there for me to look at! And later tonight, I am getting a back pack from my Aunt Carol and cousin Meghan to use at the show to hold all of my purchases. Tomorrow will be a test run for the big show in June in Columbus.

Oh, and in other BIG news.... The Dip, the new ice cream place down the street, opened today! I saw people in line on my way home from work. I am thinking that a stop this evening may be in order... :)


Jen said...

Well? Did you stop at the Dip? Was it everything you hoped for and more? Was she at work today? Did she get the quilt? Inquiring minds want to know!!! It does look awesome and at the same time I wonder, if that wall is in your office, why don't you make a wallhanging for that space????

Moneik said...

Your quilt looks great! Hope you had a good time at the quilt show, What's the update on the frames, I'm ready to start looking.

Freeblady said...

Your quilt looks great! I agree, very cheery. Your co-worker will love it! (Ditto on the staples too, they drive me nuts)