Thursday, June 12, 2008

I got a squishy!!

Last week, Jen sent me a link to a pink tie-dyed shirt for quilters and I had the bright idea that if we each got one, we would wear them next year to the Quilt Retreat and match! Well, I ordered mine....she still hasn't. Her excuse is that she is in the process of moving. Whatev! :)

These are from the Real Women Quilt online store. This is just a white T with the design on it.


This is the really cool one!


And Pam from the store put in some other goodies for me. A pattern, a fat quarter and some Werther's Originals. Yummy! I love these!


Like the shirts? Go and check them out!


Regina said...

So if Lazy Sister Sue and I come next year we better get our shirt orders in, too?!?!?

CatQuilter said...

Love those shirts and HAVE to buy one.

Michelle said...

I don't wear t-shirts, but I would wear a hooded sweatshirt. Tell her to get some hooded sweatshirts printed!

Jen said...

You Suck!! I'll get mine ordered, don't you worry!!!

Moneik said...

Hey thanks for not telling me about them... you never know when I might just show up!