Sunday, June 29, 2008


I didn't get any quilting done this weekend. I spent way too much time at work. And the rest of the time was sleeping. And a tiny bit of relaxing. In preparation for the month-long sew-a-thon where I will be kicking Jen's and Moneik's rear ends into the middle of August!

I really did spend a lot of time working. I may have a couple of late nights this week, too. But there is an end in sight. June 30th is the fiscal year end for my company and, since I am the fixed asset accountant, I have a lot to get done so that we can start depreciating some assets. Hopefully, tomorrow will go well and then Tuesday and possibly Wednesday will be the only late nights and even then, it shouldn't be too late.

Fear not, R the I! I will be in tip top shape by Thursday evening and ready to put in some long hours at Bubba and Lenny and Squiggy! But I am going to have to stay off the phone with Jen. I can't take Cindy in the background yelling, "you're goin' down!" while trying to have an adult conversation with Jen!

So, speaking of challenges, I have done pretty well for June with my Hour a Day challenge. I have slacked a little bit this last weekend, but with work that is to be expected. Let's see how July goes, shall we?


Carol VR said...

That's too funny. I can somehow picture Cindy doing that.

Good luck!!!

Gina said...

Best of luck. It's the last day of my hours challenge. I'm aiming to set the bench mark for you all to beat. LOL

love and hugs Gina xxx

Moneik said...

I can only imagine Cindy in the background. I was resting up this weekend so I can take you both down!

Jen said...

Yeah, listening to my mom in the background was flipping hilarious!!!! Last night we were discussing how I should call and talk to you to waste your time since I have a bluetooth headset!! LOL. I wouldn't dare!!

CatQuilter said...

This isn't going to get "nasty", is it Jill? Quiltin' Smack Down 2008?