Thursday, June 5, 2008

One Hour a Day

I think that I did fairly well in inaugural month for the One Hour a Day challenge. As a reminder, see this post. That is where I explained what my goal was. I ended up quilting/sewing 39.5 hours. And I didn't count any of my hours at the Miami Valley Quilt Show. And I think that I only counted a cleaning hour once. But my sewing area desperately needed the cleaning so I think that it was acceptable to make that one hour count.

So far, I haven't done very well in June, but I haven't been feeling like myself either. Have you ever had a couple of days in a row where you just didn't feel like yourself? Like anything and everything someone else did was going to set you off? Seriously, on Monday and Tuesday of this week, I was ready to rip off the head of anyone that I came into contact with and then hand it back to them and send them on their way. And I still can't figure out what was wrong with me.

Mary Beth, my co-worker, gave me strict orders to stay in my office and shut my door and then to go home and not do anything. Monday, I ended up working late and by the time I got home and ate, I was in bed by 9:30. Tuesday, I could tell that I was feeling a little better because I was really restless just sitting on my bed and watching TV.

By Wednesday, I was laughing again and getting a lot done at work and was able to keep my door open for most of the day. And it was only the usual people who were irritating me so I knew I was feeling better.

Here are some of my gripes just to give you an idea of the crap that was setting me off:

  • An ignorant male co-worker had decided that he would call me Jillian. He thought that he was being cute. He was not. This was probably about 4 months ago and I politely and repeatedly shrieked at him informed him that my name is just Jill. When I was discussing this with a buddy, she said, "what? are you girlfriends that he has to give you a nickname?" (By the way, this 'girlfriends' phrase is now my new phrase at work. As in, "Are we girlfriends that you feel like it's appropriate to come past my wall in my office and invade my personal space??" But I digress....) I finally got it through his feeble mind that I don't care for him to be that familiar with me as to call me by a nickname. All was well for a couple of months. Well, said moron decided on Friday that he was going to try out 'Jillian' again and this continued through Monday. After complaining about it to a couple of my buddies, I decided that the next time he called me Jillian, I would respond with a lovely nickname for him. Unfortunately, someone warned him and I was never able to call him Jack@ss to his face.
  • I am the capital accountant in my company. This means that I set up and manage the capital projects and make sure that they don't go over the allotted budget. That is really all that I do other than capitalizing and depreciating assets. More frequently over the last month or so, I have had more calls than I care to count that are related to the purchasing of items. On Monday, I had a nurse call and give me a 5 minute background to let me know that her manager had asked her to fill out the purchase requisition and then asked me what vendor she should use to buy the item. I said that I didn't know BECAUSE I DON'T WORK IN PURCHASING as I was not the person who handled the purchasing of any equipment. She then asked who she could find out from other than her boss. I said that purchasing should have that information or her boss, but that I couldn't help because I didn't have that information on any project. She then said that she would ask her boss, but she was trying to avoid that because she didn't want to bother her. Seriously?
  • I also had some very interesting messages from first thing Monday morning. Now, a little background. My voice mail says, "You have reached the desk of Jill LAST NAME at COMPANY XYZ Accounting blah blah blah." The first message was from an older lady saying that she was sorry, she was trying to reach State Farm. She was also calling long distance. I didn't think much of it because I always have strange messages on my voice mail so I just deleted it. The second message is what got to me. It was the same lady who very snottily informed me that she was trying to reach John with State Farm and "she would REALLY APPRECIATE a call back." I mean, come on... Where in my message do I say that I will gladly take messages for John at State Farm and forward them on to him? I kindly called her back and left a message for her that she had the wrong number. I was a little surprised that I didn't get another call asking what the right number was.

Add in to all of these things that I had to work late on Monday and miss the Guild meeting and that the overly loud accounting manager spent way too much time in the moron's office right next to mine re-training him for the millionth time and it was a pretty bad couple of days! And I am so not joking about the training of the moron. He has been in the position for at least 8 months and can't do anything without talking with the too loud manager to find out if what he is doing is right. I mean, I could do his job without any formal one-on-one training!

Sorry about this turning into more of a rant, but I wanted to let you faithful blog readers know where I had been the last few days. Feel free to post in the comments about things that drive you batty!

To end on a bright note, this Saturday, I am meeting Maddy to go and look at a quilt frame that is set up and on sale at a local Sew & Vac shop. The price is excellent and if the set up and the machine and frame are good and the reviews and comments that I read online are good, then this is the frame that I will be getting. I am very excited to see what the set up looks like size-wise and all of the incentives that the store has to offer. That will definitely make up for the bad start to this week! :)


Carla said...

I'm glad that the week straigtened out for you. I hate it when I feel out of sorts. I know that you're excited about the frame. Keep us informed about your progress!

Suzan said...

We have ALL had days like those..rant away!

Jen said...

Oh wonder you were crabby!

Trish said...

Eight months ago I left a job in a big company to work at my husband's small business. It's a lot slower pace than I was used to and I tend to get bored (hence the blogging in the middle of the day...)I love it when people remind me of what I DON'T miss in an office environment! At least now I don't have to put up with the occasional idiotic co-worker or deal with annoying VM anymore...LOL... Feel free to vent!