Monday, June 16, 2008


OK, so it was operator error that kept Squiggy from sewing correctly. But really, if you aren't used to a side loading bobbin, how are you supposed to know that you need to pull the little lever out to make the bobbin case 'snap' into place? It wasn't in the books anywhere or on the DVD.

Anyway, I did get some pictures...

Here is my first bobbin wound on the machine. It was a breeze and so unlike my Brother!


And here is the massive pile of threads that I wasted in my attempts to sew with the bobbin case inserted incorrectly. Quite a bit, actually!


And here is Squiggy actually sewing with correct tension and holding his stitches! I could almost see a smile!


And here is the underneath of what I had sewn. The loops at the bottom of the picture are the first stitches with really loose upper thread. I had loosened it thinking maybe that was the problem last night. But once I corrected the tension, the upper threads show that the tension is pretty good!


I am so happy! Thanks to all who sent emails to help me with the problem. I am very excited to be going tomorrow after work to get the last piece so that I can throw Squiggy on Lenny and load some fabric and start practicing! :)


Suzan said...

I knew you could do it!! Those bobbins are tricky.

Kristie said...

Great!!!! :) So glad that you got it figured out! Now hurry up and get quilting, I want to see how well it does!!!!! :)

Michelle said...

Oh, that sounded kind of lewd...throwing Squiggy on Lenny...ok, Michelle, mind out of the gutter! Are you sure you dont' want to name Squiggy something else, like a lady's name, so when you throw the lady on Lenny it's more politically correct? How about Squiggy for the stitch regulator and Edna Babish for the machine (the apartment manager). You could have Lenny, Squiggy, and Edna!

Ok...ok...I know....Lenny and Squiggy.

Glad you have fun!

Oh, and congratulationns on your 301st post!

Moneik said...

So happy to hear things are going better now. The bobbin or threading can cause lots of problems.

Cindy (aka Peony the House Elf) said...

You go girl. I never ever thought that was the problem and you're right if you aren't used to a side wind bobbin you wouldn't know. Happy quilting