Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Don't worry

I know that I am still going to be in last place, but I needed to get some sleep the last 2 nights. And I don't have much going on this weekend so I know that I will be making a come back.

Sunday, I worked with my chapter sisters at the St Jude Dream Home from 12-5. I was able to work on binding for a baby quilt most of the time. The house itself is really neat, but there is no furniture! From 11:45 until 5, we had just under 400 people walk through the house.

When I got home, I was sort of beat and figured that I could take the evening off. I ended up working with my white board practicing quilting designs for an hour. I have a few of them down pat and worked on a couple of others that I would like to use, but I still need more practice.

Also, Max's back is bothering him again. I started with the baby aspirin and the muscle relaxer again and hope that he will be good as new in a couple of days.

Last night, I went to my Guild small group and worked on my secret project. I am coming up with my own little pattern and I think that I have the dimensions ready for the pieces to cut. When I got home, I checked email and started yawning so I went to bed. I am now feeling very well rested.

Tonight, I have to stop at the grocery store because the dogs and I can't wait any longer for food! Darn it! I am going to make a list and set a timer and get in and out quickly and then get myself dinner on the way home and that should help me get back home and back to the sewing so that I can start making up some time. Wish me luck!


Regina said...

Just so long as dinner is not White Castle you are all set!!!

Yes by all means feed the dogs - hard to sew when they are chewing on your presser foot leg.

Moneik said...

Sometimes you just need the extra sleep. I'm sure the dogs will be grateful for the food too.

Jennifer said...

It is always good to be rested. Go, Jill, Go!

Michelle said...

Run Jill, Run!!!!

Jen said...

You do realize I read all these while they happened right? I was just too much of a dork to comment in a timely manner??