Friday, July 25, 2008

Relatively slow night

Yesterday at work was very busy and I was pooped when I got home. I ended up eating dinner, relaxing for about half an hour and then hanging out on my bed and watching TV with the dogs and the white board and doodling quilting patterns. Practice makes perfect! I think that I am ready to try quilting some floral patterns on a charity quilt. I had also loaded another Kid Komfort baby quilt on Lenny. Well, it only took me about 15 minutes to load everything on the rollers, but after rolling up the backing, I realized that it was upside down so I decided to leave it for the night and go back and reload the backing tonight. I was very happy though that it only took 15 minutes!

I also made some changes to my blog's sidebar. I added a Tag Cloud that will list my tags with the larger fonts identifying the tags that are used the most. I had been eyeing Regina's cloud that she has on her blog, so I finally found the code and updated my tag widget. I am proud of myself for getting it all set up without any help! Go me!! I also deleted a few items that I felt had run their course. Any thoughts on the new set up? Wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it?

Well, I am still behind in the July Challenge, but the weekend is coming up with very little that I have planned. I have a couple of movies from the library to watch and some things on the Tivo to watch and some quick and easy projects that I can finish up quickly. There has been a new development - the other 2 competitors have decided that no matter the outcome of July's Challenge, they don't want to compete again in August. Does that mean that I win August by default? :) With just a few more days in July, I need to gather steam to make a come back and pull into the lead. I am going to do it!


Jen said...

Ok, now which site did you get the code from to do it? When I did it; I couldn't get it to work properly.

Jen said...

No it does not mean you win by default!! July worked well because there wasn't much going on. August is around the corner and there's lots planned. I still plan on sewing a ton but I can't keep putting off all the things the need to get taken care of around the house. I haven't hung anything on the walls yet! I need to be able to make my home a home. I let Mike organize the kitchen...and well after it took me 25 minutes to find the stuff I needed for brownies minus the 13x9 inch pans I put it all away, bought a desert for the cookout and vowed that on August 1st come hell or high water I'm totally re-organizing the kitchen much to his irritation because HE has no problem finding things. I want them back where they were in reference to the old set up. If a person can find muffin tins but NOT 13x9" pans there's a problem...especially considering the damn muffin pans are supposed to be IN THE DANG 13X9" PANS.

Moneik said...

NO that doesn't make you a winner by default... it just means we have to live and not just sew! I know I've neglected things this month that really need to be done and I'll still be sewing, just not with such fierocity (if that's a word)!

Regina said...

Love your tag cloud - nicely done! I figured mine out by myself, too without web developer hubby's help. It was a great feeling!