Saturday, August 16, 2008

At last!

It's the weekend! Woo hoo!

I did get to leave work at 5 yesterday and I ran to Joann's to pick up some supplies since they are having a pretty good sale. Then, I hit the grocery store. I started feeling a little bad when I left the grocery so I came home, put the cold things away and laid down for a nap. The pups and I ended up sleeping for a few hours, got up to go outside and I checked my email and then we went back to bed. I think that I basically slept from right after 8 PM last night until around 8 this morning. I am feeling very refreshed!

I have cleaned up my sewing area and I have a few things that are in progress. I also have a couple of other things that need to be started and finished within the next few weeks.

This is what I hope to get accomplished this weekend:
  1. Finish the last 5 pairs of pants
  2. Quilt the Courier bag pieces for class on Tuesday
  3. Piece the August BOM block
  4. Piece at least 2 charty quilts
  5. Quilt at least 1 quilt
  6. Work on 4 secret projects
  7. Start on 1 secret project

Oh, and laundry, cleaning the kitchen, general straightening up around the house and watching some DVD's that are due back at the library. And reading some blogs - I have 300 posts to catch up on. I guess that I need to get off of blogger an get started! :)

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