Thursday, August 7, 2008

Maddy's Quilt is done!

Last night, I got Maddy's quilt loaded onto the frame, Lenny, and quilted with Squiggy. It went very quickly - about 2 hours to load and quilt! It is a Take 5 pattern and the fabric is Michael Miller. I used a Superior Lava black to gray variegated in the top ad had NO thread breaks! I love this thread! I used silver Bottom Line in the bottom because the back is black with white spots - similar to the outer border. It looks really sharp!





I hope that she likes it!


Suzan said...

Very nice! Did you get the Quilter's Cruise Control with your machine?

Moneik said...

great job! I'm sure maddy will love it.

Michelle said...

What's not to love? Good job! You sure caught onto this quickly. I wish I could have said the same when I started out.
Have fun with it!

Jen said...

That quilt of hers turned out soooo cute!!