Sunday, September 14, 2008

Turtle of the day

Regina in New York collects turtles. She posts about them on her blog. She writes about them and where she got them. We send her pictures and patterns all the time... like these turtles(towards the bottom of the post) that Jen and I saw in April when we were doing a shop hop before heading to the retreat.

When Regina started writing about her turtles, I remembered when I took art in high school. I was in the ninth grade so it was about 17 years ago. We did lots of things - drawing, calligraphy, batik. One thing that I enjoyed was the ceramics. We had to make something. Our own design. This is what I made.



Mom usually has it in the bottom of the potted plant that is in the picture, but it got a lot wet after the rain from Ike went through.

The right front leg is unattached right now. The left back leg has been unattached and reattached.

It's nice to see it being used!


Regina said...

That turtle is AWESOME! I saw a pic of a snapper that got stranded in a tree because of Ike, but I like your waterlogged turtle much better! He looks good for an "old" turtle! :-)

Jen said...

That's a great turtle!! So, can we now call you One A for one arm?