Monday, December 8, 2008

At last!

After a couple of days of worrying about my speed control brain and work issues at my real job and a busy weekend at the shop, I finally got a chance to sit down at the machine and sew. I have a class on Friday for the Not Your Granma's Log Cabin and I hadn't even started sewing on my 60 blocks that need to be done. I was able to make the last few cuts on the fabric and start sewing on the blocks. And I made some great progress.

Here's my sewing table once I was done for the night. What a mess! :)


And here is a close up of the block that I have gotten the farthest on.


I think that I have 5 more pieces to add to this block before class on Friday.

And finally, on Saturday while I was at work, the rest of the family got together and made Christmas cookies. I went over in the evening, but Spencer was tuckered out and fell asleep watching TV with Dad.


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Erin said...

If thats what your cutting table looks like when its a mess I'm never posting a picture of my cutting table after a night of sewing! :) I love the purple fabrics and cant wait to see all the blocks come together! :)