Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Matching scars

I'll have a pair of matching scars in about a month. The first one, I got about 12 years ago on my right knee. The match I got tonight.

See, we have had freezing temperatures for the last 2-3 days. Like, really super cold temperatures. No snow, though, so it hasn't been too bad. Then, today it's started warming up. Right now, it's 34 degrees. But this afternoon, it was hovering around 32 degrees and it rained. And since it's been so cold, it started freezing. The roads and traffic were really bad so I stayed late at work to let things die down.

When I left at 6:45, it was cold and I was talking to Mary Beth and walking slower than I normally do. Well, I still fell. I went down hard and landed with all of my weight on my left knee cap. I ended up laying on the wet ground, but struggled up and hobbled along. I slipped at least 1 more time before I got to my car.

Once I was on my way, I wasn't too worried about my knee since I was still on the phone with Mary Beth. But we got disconnected and then I could fell the burning and throbbing intensify. I clicked the overhead light on and saw blood. Enough to make me catch my breath because I wasn't expecting it.


Thankfully, the roads were not so bad and I was able to get home reasonably quickly. Well, not as fast as the moron in the car behind me on the last street would have liked. I live up a hill and it was fully iced with cars on the left side. The car behind me was so close that I couldn't see the headlights. Every time I moved, they did too and I was afraid that I was going to slide backwards into their car if I lost too much traction on the road. It was very irritating. Although, my knee still hurt.

Anyway, I got home and this is what I found.




I have started with iced fiesta vegetables and a heating pad. Tomorrow, I will have to get an ace bandage and wrap it up to keep from letting it continue to swell. I have taken some ibuprofen and may have to dip into my leftovers from the accident last year. Hopefully, I will be healed enough by Friday to be the muscle at the shop in moving things around like I promised I would do.

For now, I think that I need a bowl of ice cream. Yeah, that will take the pain away!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

OUCH - that looks painful! Hope you aren't in too much pain.

Hope you have a wonderful (and safe) holiday.

Regina said...


I have matching knee scars, too - one involving a nail in a board on the ground, the other a bicycle and wet sand.

So now WE match!!! LOL!

Hope it heals quickly - !!!

Cindy said...

Ouch and there's way to much swelling already. Keep an eye on that knee.....

Babs said...

Take it easy...it seems awfully swollen...hope it heals quickly!