Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Waun-A-Quilt update

As some of you have noticed, Jen and I were really racking up the points. It seems that some of the values assigned were a little out of whack and the bonuses were being a little over used so we started reevaluating the values. Last week, we decided to remove our sheets from the original spreadsheet because we were spending a lot of time entering data into each sheet and it was getting a little confusing. We also weren't ready to reveal our new values to everyone because we are still tweaking them.

OK, so with the tweaking, here are the updated totals for me and Jen.

Jen - 4896
Jill - 4202

I did finish the binding on the Chicken quilt and started the binding on another charity quilt so I should be able to catch up to Jen within the next couple of days so by Thursday's report on Jen's blog, we should be about even again. And we should be able to reveal our new points on the 31st so anyone who wants to could play again in February.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Giggle, u watch out cause I've got 2 quilts to quilt!