Friday, March 27, 2009

Donations for beginning of week

Donations have started coming in again after a brief lull. I'm so enjoying receiving the packages and ripping them open to see what's inside!!

Coats and Clark sent an assortment of their Dual Duty Thread. Awesome colors and the carrying case is new from prior years. After winning their quilting thread the first year, I can say that this case is an upgrade due to the zipper to keep it closed!


Triangles on a Roll sent a book that shows different ways to do borders and how the TOAR can help make the HSTs for the pieces. Fantastic instructions for those who love the look of pieced borders, but hate the work and piecing!


The Blue Feather Products Company sent a Grabbit and 2 packs of pins. These things are great and I am not sure how I lived with out mine. I really need to get one for the basement for the frame set up. And when I spill any other needles on the floor, mine is great to clean up that mess!


Marathon Thread Company sent a box of thread! Nine spools of colored polyester and 4 cones of glow in the dark. The cones are 2 pinks and 2 green. I had to test them out and they really do glow in the dark! These will be a huge hit on kids' quilts!


Bonnie, a co-worker of mine and a fellow retreat attendee, went through her stash and found a kit that she thought she could part with. It's very cute!!


And for the scrap bookers out there, Leisure Arts sent 3 copies of this scrap booking book.


OK, I think that is all of the donations for now. More pictures to come, I am hopeful!!


Moneik said...

Oh the kit is super cute! Love all the donations. The thread looks awesome. I love GITD thread. I used it for some embroidery and it turned out awesome.

Jen said...

Very cool donations!!! The cupcakes aare cute and great job on the applique! Not sure why but that post wasn't letting me comment,