Sunday, March 29, 2009

Donations from end of week

On Friday, I ran to Aunt Ruth's Scrapbasket because I had gotten a call from Cory, the owner, that she had a bag for me for the retreat. She included some patterns, 2 packs of fat quarters and a charm pack. Sweet!


And we also got a free 1 year subscription to American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. Awesome!



Jamie said...

Hey Jill,

Is Aunt Ruth's a quilt shop? If so where is it located? I went into Beaches the other day and since they are getting ready to move they did not have a whole lot to choose from when it came to fabric. And as you know there are not many quilt/fabric shops around this area, so a new place to go to is always nice.

Jamie said...

Weird, I could not reply to yours through wordpress either.


I have been to Sew Ezy and Best Friends (although it has been a few months, before I found your blog or I would have said Hi to ya) and love them both!!. I have heard of Fabric Shack but never been there...yet. I will have to go check them both out the next weekend I'm off!!

I also seen a sign for a quilt shop on Rt4, about 2 weeks ago, on my way to the antique mall, and I thought it was before you get to Beaches, but when I went back down that way I couldn't find it, unless my eyes have really gone bad and I was seeing things, who knows.

And your very welcome!!!