Saturday, March 21, 2009

Donations week of 3/16

Since I was so busy with work last week, I wasn't able to post a lot when things came in. But there were a few deliveries!

Gutermann sent 25 spools of a light blue hand quilting thread.


Anita Hallock sent 25 books! These are amazing books, too! The patterns are awesome! There are 3 different books and at least 7 of each. I hope I can make the time to look through them in case I don't get one at the retreat.


And Legacy Designs and the Starwood Pattern Company sent 6 patterns an 6 books. Very cute!


I can't wait to see what comes next week!


Barb said...

You guys are gonna have such a great time. I'm jealous!

Regina said...

Barb - you can always catch a flight! I have an extra machine you can borrow!!! :-)

These books look "yummy!"

Linda and Piwacket said...

Holy cow! What a great load of stuff. I am so psyched!