Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday 3/5 Receipts and 2 extras

I forgot that there were 2 books received last year after the retreat and I have been holding them for this year's retreat.


I will have to see if I can find the letter that accompanied the books so that I can give credit to the people that sent them.

The first package received today was from Briarwood Cottage. They sent a book and 3 patterns. I am also including a picture of an ad that they sent because I think that the patterns are just too cute! I think that I might be doing some shopping on my own! The book is the one where my purple log cabin pattern came from.


This is one of the pocket patterns and there were 2 of this same pattern.


And this is the page that shows all of their pocket patterns. I think these are just adorable!


And Sulky of America, Inc sent a package of their products. Some stabilizer, puffy foam, paper solvent and a pen and 2 spools of blendable threads. Awesome!


OK, now that this is done, I am off to sew!


Regina said...

those patterns are adorable!! I am going to have to go around with a pad to write down all this great stuff that I am going to see - just in case I don't win it all...

Jen said...

Those pocket patterns look pretty darn cool!!