Monday, April 6, 2009

Thank you!!

Thanks to all of you who left your comments about my car and robbery. As awful as it sounds, it's nice to know that some of you have had violations as well. I was able to get my mind off of all of it for a few hours, but every time I went in the kitchen, I kept expecting to see someone at my car. And it just got worse after dark. Now, I'm concerned about taking the dogs out at night because I am at the end of the building and there are no lights between the building. People have come out of there in broad daylight and scared the crap out of me and the dogs.

Anyway, I was able to distract myself with fabric. Well, fabric and cleaning for a bit. I straightened up my room so that I wouldn't be distracted when I got to my sewing. This is the fabric that I put away that was accumulated last week. This is the bag and a half yard and FQ that I got for my birthday from Jeanette.


And this is the fabric that I got from the shop for working inventory. We got paid in fabric. Nine yards total.


I worked on the nickel quilt sample. There are 30 blocks for the quilt's center. I just have to sew it together now. And then lay out the border pieces. I still need to get a border strip, but Jan wanted me to put the quilt together first. I will be done with this quilt this week!


So, thanks again for all of your thoughts! They helped!


Jamie said...

Hey Jill, Glad to see you are feeling a little better today!

Need anyone else to help out at the shop? I have a part time job but getting paid in fabric sounds really nice! Especially since my stash is getting low lol, anyways let me know and I can come help out whenever, well on my days off ;)

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

You need to get some mace or pepper spray and carry it when you take the dogs out at night! Don't take any chances! We all need and love ya, Bratchild! The fabric is wonderful and I love your quilt! Hang in there....16 days!

Moneik said...

The quilt looks great! I'd love to be paid in fabric too.

Linda and Piwacket said...

Terrific job on the quilt! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. You might want to consider talking on your cell phone when you're walking your dogs. That could be enough to deter someone, and if anything should happen the person you're talking to can immediately call 911. Awful that this is the way we have to think, but as the expression goes, better safe than sorry. Big hugs.

Jennifer said...

The nickel quilt looks great...I can't wait to see all your stuff in person in a few weeks, because they always look even better that way! Hang in there, and I agree on talking to/calling someone when you walk the dogs at night just to be safe. My mom does that when she is home alone - just a quick call to say "going out" and a quick one to say "home safe."

Allie said...

Paid in fabric! Paid in fabric! *breathe* I need a job like that!

I agree get some pepper spray. The dogs should protect you quite well though. A police officer told me one time that the single biggest deterrent to crime was a dog.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

I love your quilt.. can't wait to see it finished. Hmm.. paid in fabric.. I wish that I could have a Job like you and Jen. Unfortunately due to being limited duty I can't have a second job with out getting in trouble and am not sure the arm could take it any way.