Friday, May 29, 2009

I quilted!

After my machine stopped working, I spent a couple of nights sleeping and surfing the net. Last night, I finally decided to do something. I was going to load a charity quilt onto the frame and then cut fabric. Well, once I loaded a quilt, I decided that it was small enough to actually quilt quickly so I practiced my loops and stars in preparation for quilting the Milky Way quilt. I went to the basement at 7:45 to start.


And a close up. I think it looks pretty good and I will probably load the Milky Way quilt and start on it this weekend.


When I was done with this quilt, it was only 9, so I decided to load another charity quilt to practice with the pantos. Once I had it loaded, I just went ahead and quilted it, too!


And a close up. You can't see the mistakes too well unless you look really close. The quilt and the fabric tend to hide it.


And I was done at 10:45. Pretty good time, I think!


Ted and Donna said...

We are in Cincinnati for one week. Any time?

Jen said...

It turned out really nice! Good job.

Regina said...

great stuff!
I love that pattern for a quick and easy quilt - and the quilting looks awesome!

Piwacket said...

Time well spent and it looks great!

Moneik said...

Great job! It looks like you are ready to do Milky Way.