Saturday, May 16, 2009

Retreat Post – Sunday #1

After the excitement of Saturday, Sunday started out pretty mellow. We all knew that it was our last day together as a group and we were not happy to be leaving. The ladies heading back to my house were planning on staying until 4 which is when we absolutely had to leave. I also had to spend part of the morning making collections from the attendees for any money they owed from the weekend. I wore my Wizard of Oz witch pants as my Collections outfit! :-)

Once I was done with my collections, I worked on my Thangles block pieces some more and just chilled. Then, we had lunch. As soon as we were done with lunch, we had a bunch of pictures taken.

Here is the whole group of us - First Row: Patti, Regina D, Sherry, Cindy, Jen Vogel, Cathy; Second Row: Jennifer Victory-Newberg, Jen B, Moneik, Linda, Becca, Jill; Third Row: Bonnie, Tess, Terry, Trish, Regina A


Here's a couple of Jen and me

ci41b7~1 I was doin' a little dance here!

Jen, me and Moneik


Jen, Moneik, me and Regina A (the I) with Becca in the background - I love this picture!!


And the 2 Reginas


And since we were taking pictures and had a great space to hold up quilts, Jen and MOneik held up Moneik's wedding quilt that Jen was finally able to put together and finish in the 4 weeks before retreat.


Of course, Jen missed my blocks when she was putting the quilt together (story of my life being left out! ha ha!), my blocks were put into their own wall hanging!


Once we were done with pictures, peeps started leaving. At first it was like 2 and then a half hour later 1 left and then 20 minutes later 2 more left. Then, it seemed like everybody left all at once and it was just Jen, me, Cindy, Sherry, and Moneik left. It was very sad to see everyone go, but we didn’t really have time to think about it because we were breaking down our machines and packing everything up and shoving it all into the car and truck so that we could leave.


Brenda said...

It's hard to leave!! I have had fun seeing all the pics and the stories - meeing all your "peeps"!!
Is this a yearly thing??? It sounds like alot of fun and so worth the time to make sure you are there!!

Regina said...

Leaving was the pits - at least I had a short drive to my next stop and not a long haul all the way back to NY - that would have been TERRIBLY sad!!!