Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Feet!!

I got a box today! A delivery from Crocs! I know that a lot of people think that these shoes look dorky, but I love 'em!

Now, I usually wear my shoes for quite a while, but I think that this was a little ridiculous!


New shoe on left, old shoe on right. They are the same size, but I had left the old pair in my car and they got warped and really tight. Note to self - DON'T leave Crocs in the car in the summer!


Old show on left, new on the right. Almost all of the treads on the old pair are gone!


Really, does anything need to be said about this picture? It's no wonder that my back hurts after wearing these for 7 hours a day!

I also got some flip flops.


I have no idea why I waited so long!! The new pairs feel FANTASTIC!!!

Excuse me while I go and wear my new shoes for a while! :)


Patchwork Penguin said...

I love my crocs too; but I'm a little worried about their financial woes and how long they will be around. Not sure what I'll do then.......... these are all I wear.

Regina said...


Suzan said...

I know they are dorky but they feel so good! I love my Crocs. I just found a pair at a discount house. They are red ballet flats and I picked them up for $5. I don't think that bodes well for the manufacturer. Scarf them up while you can still get them!

Kelly Ann said...

Jill, I have 4 pair of ugly crocs, a pair of black wedge hills, one pair of slide on sandals, one pair of pink sandals and my newest addition orange flip-flops. I love them but the uglyones are my favorite to wear all day in the shops...and the lime green are my fav's and yes I have two pair of them.

Piwacket said...

When your feet hurt everything hurts. And wow, your pictures really do show the difference. Heck, girl, you DESERVED a new pair of shoes!

Anonymous said...

Mine shrunk big time in the heat of summer in the car. Now I have baby crocs. Love,Mom

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Hmm.. I have no idea where my second pair are.. I had a pink and purple pair and now only have a pink pair.. Guess I might need to order another pair.