Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Harry Potter

I finally got on the Harry Potter band wagon a year or so ago and listened to all the books on CD straight in a row. Jim Dale is the narrator and he does an outstanding job with all of the voices in the books!

I have been wanting to watch the movies commercial free and in their entirety, but the DVDs from the library have been too scratched up to get a good viewing.

Well.... I found 4 of the movies at WalMart tonight for $9 each! Of course I picked them up with a marathon in mind for this weekend! Three days of Harry and sewing! Woo hoo!!


Ted and Donna said...

Kelly, Cassie, Ally, Kara, Sam and Kristin are all HUGE Harry Potter fans. You all would get along great!

imquilternity said...

I'm just finishing up the 7th book...just in time for July 15th and the newest movie! I re-read them all every summer and it's wonderful! Welcome to the bandwagon! :)

Regina said...

Oh - I have not even touched any of those yet... I have a feeling I would be HOOKED!