Sunday, July 5, 2009

Weekend Goals - Updated

I had a great weekend sewing and watching movies!! I was so productive even though I didn't get all of my items done. Here's what I did get done:
  1. Binding on fairy quilt - Done!
  2. Finish lap size Yellow Brick Road for the shop - Done!
  3. Table runner for the shop - not started
  4. Thimbleberries blocks for June - 4 blocks - Done!
  5. Load Milky Way onto the frame - Done!
  6. Cut fabric for a Courier bag - not started
  7. Make 2 Guild blocks - Done!
  8. Work on the outer pieced border for the 2008 BOM quilt - Done! I actually assembled the center of the quilt and finished the pieced border.
  9. Work on the first border for the Wizard of Oz OBW quilt - not even touched
  10. Stitchin' Chix bag - not touched
  11. Jitterbug Yellow Brick Road - made great progress

Here is the center of the 2008 BOM with the pieced border pieces, too.


And the partial blocks for the Jitterbug Yellow Brick Road.


I'm in good shape for everything I got done. At least, I think so!

And I finished all 4 of the Harry Potter movies. I definitely enjoyed the Goblet of Fire! I think it was my favorite of the 4, but I enjoyed the rest, too!


QuiltingB29 said...

Your 2008 Thangles BOM look so much better than mine! Of course, it helps that yours aren't just strips anymore :-D.
Happy quilting!

butrfly2200 said...

I really like your bom, Jill. Awesome. Are you making it for yourself? The colours are great.