Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A contest from last year

We are gearing up at Best Friends, my LQS that I work at, for the 2009 Shop Hop. Since I am working at the shop, I can't participate this year. I have seen part of the Official Shop Hop quilt and I think it looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it finished!

I have experienced a certain amount of nostalgia the last couple of weeks remembering the last two years that I was able to do the Hop with some quilting friends. We always had a blast!

Last year, almost immediately after the Hop, I left for a Florida vacation to see my folks. I had posted about the quilts that were made by each shop and had a contest to see who could decide which one was my favorite and that I would duplicate. The ones who guessed my favorite would be entered for a drawing.

I enjoyed seeing the comments as they started coming in. To me, it was a no brainer which was the favorite. I believe that my mom even picked it out while I was showing her the pictures. And yet, I was shocked by how many people would read my blog on a regular basis and were fairly close friends, yet had no idea about my taste! Oh well!

As the week in Florida passed, I visited new quilt shops and picked up a couple of fabrics for the winner, but I held off 'closing' the contest thinking that someone else would vote and possibly vote correctly. It didn't happen. I left Florida, came home, shipped off the fabrics, but never mentioned the contest again.

This morning, I got an email about my post (Hi, Gloria!!) and a request for a file of the picture of one of the other quilts. I realized that I had never 'closed' the contest.

So, this is me 'closing' the contest. The quilt below is my favorite quilt of the bunch! I fell in love with it! I bought the fat eighths that the shop was selling in order to finish the quilt. I couldn't wait to get started! And right now, all of the block patterns and fabrics and the fat eighths are stored together in a box waiting for attention!


So of all of the responses, Regina was right on the money! Linda, you were very close! I was pleased to know that you put so much thought into your selection! And for how short of a time that we had known each other then, I was happy that you were as close as you were!

Regina - there has been plenty of turtle fabric that has been passed along to you, but I do have another special something that will be on it's way with the fabric that is being held for you.

Linda - I'm thinking that you deserve an honorable mention prize and it should be ready by the time we go to Bonnie's classes!

And to everyone else .... a promise that I will never wait this long to reveal a contest winner! :) This will be important when I do my 750th post giveaway or my 800th post giveaway. Stay tuned!


Regina said...


The "prize" will be seeing you finish this quilt!!! I don't know now if I was lucky, really in tune to your trends at the time, or picked the one that I liked best. I really love how they treated the borders on this one.

Gina said...

great quilt. I look forward to seeing your version of it.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Carin said...

That is really a beautiful quilt!

Piwacket said...

Being friends and getting to attend a workshop together is a great consolation prize! Congrats, Regina. New motto: Love the quilt, cherish the quilter.