Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some minor updates

There have been a few things going on so I thought that I would just take a little time and update everything all at once.

Weather ... and allergies

Last weekend, the weather here turned very cool - the high was in the low to mid-70's. It was wonderful! I threw the windows open and slept in the night air Friday night. It was wonderful! And then, when I woke up on Saturday, I felt like I was in a bit of a fog. Work was not good on Saturday. When I came home, I opened the doors and windows and the breeze was lovely! But ... I had no energy. I ended up going to bed at 10:15 with a migraine.

Sunday, I was semi-productive ironing scraps until about 1:30 and I realized that I couldn't see anything and I was having a retinal migraine. **Side note - I have retinal migraines on a somewhat regular basis. I have been to doctors for them and no one can give a definite answer on what causes them. Each one individually lasts for roughly 45 minutes and I can only see spots of what appears to be TV fuzz. End note** The odd thing about this migraine was that it was like instantly not being able to see anything. So I got a large drink of water and laid on the couch with the dogs. They were tickled pink!

Around 5, I woke up and was still having issues with my vision, but I was also starving. I got some easy dinner and a cold compress and sat back down with the dogs and listened to the TV. It took until 6:30 for me to be able to see anything without feeling dizzy. I was worn out, but I finished the pile of scraps and got everything sorted. And I was still wide awake at 11.

I slept fitfully Sunday night since I had all of the sleep during the day. When my alarms went off, I called into work and let my boss know that I needed the day off. When I went in the bathroom, I was shocked at the large dark circles under my eyes. I had to think about whether I had accidentally run into something and given myself shiners! I went back to bed and felt a ton better when I woke back up, but I stayed home from work the rest of the day because my head was still pounding an throbbing from the sinus pressure.

I'm much better today and actually went into work today.

Cable/Internet connection

The last 4-6 weeks, I have been having severe connectivity issues with my cable modem. When I kept my laptop up in my bedroom most of the time, I wasn't having any issues so it may have been as long ago as May. Wow! Anyway, I have had to unplug and then plug back in the modem each time my laptop lost the connection. It got to the point that it was up to 5 times in an evening before I would get sick of getting up to unplug it. And I wasn't even downloading tons of data when this would happen. I'd be chatting with Regina on Facebook or reading blogs - not anything like downloading a TV show's episode on iTunes. It was very frustrating!!

On Monday, I had finally had enough! I figured that the very least that I could do on my allergy induced sick day was call the cable company and demand service! Or ... you know... ask what they could do for me. :)

The first part of my call was spent talking listening to a man with a slight accent talk very fast and mix my number up like 3 times. Then, he asked for my email address. I debated hanging up and calling back. I told him pass on the email and what my issue was with my service. He told me like 3 times that it was a connectivity issue and he would send me back to a customer service representative from my cable company. Now, this new guy I liked! He ran some tests while I was online and told me that the issue would either be with my modem or the wireless component which I own. He tried to tell me to just watch what lights were on when I was having my issues. I said OK. We sat silently on the line for about 3 minutes. Seriously - 3 minutes. I jumped when I saw that the lights on the modem went out. I said, "Something just happened." He said, "It looks like it is the modem."

Luckily, my cable company has an office in one of the local malls that is very close and I was able to stop by there on my way home from work today. They swapped out the old modem and gave me the newest one that they are using and it has the Turbo Power Boost that they are promoting. Woo! They guy also asked if he could review my bill to try and save me money. Uh, YEAH! So after a few minutes of chit chat and him tapping away on his keyboard, he told me that he saved me $4 a month and gave me Showtime and Starz and all of their extra channels. Woo hoo!! I remember when Starz came out and that they always had very cool movies on their channels. This is awesome!! I also get the On Demand that goes with those, too! Score!!!

Dogs and sneezing

Or rather, reverse sneezing. Maisy developed this annoying habit a few months ago. Some days, she does really well without having a single episode and, some days, we can't be outside without her gagging for breath. Basically, when a dog is pulling air in through their nose in a manner that makes them sound like a duck. Actually, Maisy sort of resembles a duck in the way she flounders around when she is having an attack.

In June, the vet told me that it sometimes occurs in overweight dogs and it is normal and there is nothing that they can do for her. We just have to suffer. *sigh*

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Indianapolis. I took a couple of classes from a teacher. You may have heard? Bonnie Hunter? You already knew that? Hmmm... Well, when I went to Indy, I boarded the dogs. Can you see where this is going?

I now have TWO DOGS THAT ARE SUFFERING FROM REVERSE SNEEZING!!! This is very frustrating. Extremely frustrating. It is very loud and obnoxious and there is nothing that they can do to keep from doing this. I feel so bad for them! I hope it is just a passing thing. For every one's sake!

Weekend off

This weekend, I am not working at the shop at all! I am very pumped about this! It will be my first weekend in town that I am not working all month. And Becca is coming up to quilt on my frame. I still have to clean the house up a bit and get some things ready for me to work on, but I am very pumped about having the whole weekend to sew! It will be nice preparation for Labor Day weekend with another 2 days off from both jobs! Woo hoo!! I ought to be able to bust some stash! :)

OK, I think that is all of the updates that I have. Last week, I sent out 7 packages and they have started arriving. Two were received yesterday and at least one so far today. I can't wait to hear if everyone likes their prizes!

Sorry about the long, not very quilty post!


Gina said...

We used to have a spaniel that did the reverse sneezing thing. What the vet told us to do was massage the snout and throat while she was having an attack. This opens up the airways and makes it easier for the dog. It might help.

Well done on the internet. I had problems when I first had the internet. I couldn't get much done about it until I lost the plot and threatened to rip the whole thing out and post it back to them at their expense. It's been wonderful from then on.

Love and hugs GIna xxx

CatQuilter said...

You NEED this down time to recover from the migraines, sneezy doggies and work!

Sorry to hear that work was bad on Saturday. Hope that improves for you soon.


Carin said...

Poor puppies that sounds awful.

I am glad you were able to get your internet fixed and upgraded!

Enjoy your weekend of quilting.

Sarah said...

I totally understand about the allergies. I've been in a fog for about a week now because they're so bad in upstate NY. That yellow stuff by the road is pretty to look at...but my head hates it. The way I see it though is that it means I should spent more time inside quilting AWAY from the allergens!

Hopefully the pups are doing better now!