Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Max's new toy

I got the dogs toys when I went to the grocery store on Saturday. They were the long, fuzzy toys that are shown on the PetSmart commercial with the dachshund.

Max loves these toys! They have something that sounds like a duck call in the body and a squeaker in the head. Usually the head gets destroyed before they can figure out the body piece. Tonight, Max hid one of the toys and then started playing with the other one in front of Maisy! I couldn't resist another video! This one might be a little dark. Sorry about that.



Shellie said...

That is my Mia's favorite toy too. BoBo... It is so funny to see a small dog run with it in their mouth. LOL

Jennifer said...

Sooo cute, and Jenna just said "I just love Max and Maisy!" Looks like you can have a dog sitter in Indy anytime!

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Max is so cute!! and Maisey was looking at you like Mamma I don't know where my toy is.. Smiles.. I got a weird looking toy for Lilly that has a cow head and she brings it to bed in the middle of the night.