Saturday, September 26, 2009

Poor little dogs

My poor little dogs!! They are getting old!! They are 7 and a half years old and it is really showing on their faces. They are more white than red now!

A few weeks ago, I woke up with this little face in mine and I noticed something. Can you see it?


How about in this view?


How about if I zoom in a little?


Still no??

Here, let me help a bit!

closer circle

It's a GRAY WHISKER!!! A whisker!! He won't let me pull it out to help him... every time I get close with the tweezers, he lays them back and bares his teeth!

Not really!

I wouldn't pull it out. It's too cute!!

My little man is getting old!!! I'm not ready for this!!


Mrs Quilty said...

Oh I love those pictures! I love dachshunds!! They are so adorable! A gray whisker! Funny! Seven isn't that old for a dog, is it??? They look healthy! I have a dachshund and he is 4 and red shorthair too! His name is Nico and maybe you have seen him on my blog!!! He barks too much but he is adorable and oh, occasionally, growls if he doesn't like what's happening, like I'm touching him when he's comfy! Persnickity!!

Mark Lipinski said...

Adorable dog! xoxom

Anonymous said...

Now you know how I felt about poor Bosco weiny, my son. My granddogs stil have lots of years left in them. They are just middle aged. But give them lots of lovin while you can.

Love, Mam

Shellie said...

If you look at Mia in "My to do list" Aug 20th click on the picture. She has a grey beard. She is 5yrs. She has been white for a year or so now. But she listens so much better because she is older.
Funny little critters.

Colleen said...

Your doxies are soooo precious! I have 3 mini schnauzers, I spent 3 hrs grooming and bathing just one of them today. My husband has had 2 surgeries this summer and I have not taken much time with "the girls". Bridgette was very matted, but now she has a fresh new cut (really short) I know she feels better, she is 11 1/2 yr old and she is showing her age too. Their picture is on my blog, under the Christmas tree last year.

Regina said...

Awww -he matches me!!!
My black kitty got white whiskers- looked so funny!

Amy said...

I can so relate - we were just looking at pictures of Claude from 5 years ago (he's 9 now - standard red doxie) and the comparison with his almost completely white muzzle is shocking! Funny tho - he's as playful and mischievous as ever - love this breed!

Gina said...

No it's not a grey whisker. It's natural highlights. Well that's what mum says about her grey hairs.

Love and hugs Gina xxx