Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quite timely!

As my BFF Regina pointed out, an all time favorite movie just turned 70!! The 'Wizard of Oz' has enjoyed a re-birth in recent years! Here are a couple of articles that Regina sent me:

USA Today article
blog entry by John Hobbs
Slide Show by

There have been several lines of quilting fabric for the past few years. How awesome is it that I finally finished my One Block Wonder top made from a Wizard of Oz panel just a little over a week ago???


It is way cool!!! What an awesome tribute, if I do say so myself!! :)


Colleen said...

Please take a look at my Wizard of OZ quilts on my blog. I started in October 2008 down the Yellow Brick Road with a total of 10 quilts made for my daughter, niece and grandchildren. The fabrics are so inspirational. Quilting Treasures has pics of 4 of my quilts on their Wizard of Oz News page.

Shellie said...

I love the Wizard of Oz. I must watch it whenever it comes on tv. Love Judy Garland and the songs she sings. Happy 70th!!! whoo hoo

Jan said...

I love your One Block Wonder quilt made with the Wizard of Oz fabric---I'm glad you put the fabric up next to the quilt so we could see the start and the finish! You did a really great job!

Rhonda said...

Love this quilt. The colors are striking.

Colleen said...

Your one block wonder quilt is fabulous! I must find out more about that technique! Is there a book? I began quilting again last year after at least an 18 - 20 yr span from my earlier quilting experience. There are soooo many new techniques, I feel like I have been in the dark ages. LOL