Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wallet Pattern

Thank you to everyone who commented on the wallets! They are very cute and easy to make! The pattern is one that I got from my LQS, Best Friends, but I think that it would be available in other areas, too. Although the designer is not one that I have seen anywhere else.

The pattern is Carry-All Wallet and the designer is Stitcher Sisters. Unfortunately, it is not available on the Best Friends website. I have no idea why.


Brenda said...

Storm at sea is one of my favorite patterns!!! Ever since I saw my first one - a friend had made years ago now for her grandson - all out of greens!! And WOW!!! It was beautiful!! And I have wanted to do one ever since, but I want it to be... well, perfect!! But when I see them, I just fall in love with this pattern again!!!
Yours is beautiful!!!

Gina said...

Love the new header pic

Love and hugs Gina xxx