Saturday, October 10, 2009

IHOP Last weekend

Last weekend, I worked with Barb at the shop. We had such fun all day! At the end of the day, we were discussing the stamp things that I have that she wanted and she was thinking about coming over on Sunday. I suggested that we have dinner at IHOP and then check out the stuff at my house. She said that would work and she would have to get her daughter and her aunt and would meet me. I was fine with that.

Now, I should explain about her daughter. The big joke at the shop is that when kids come in screaming, one of the other gals and I will cringe. Actually, I don't mind when kids come in, but it's fun to tease my co-workers who have kids about it. :)

So Barb brings in her daughter one day and walks around the shop with her mom. Lucy kind of just watches me and acts shy so I started talking to her and showing her fabric so that Barb could shop. When Barb came back to the register, Lucy and I were eating Doritos and dancing a little and Lucy was laughing. Well, Lucy had Doritos in both hands and had the cheese dust all over herself, but she was still laughing and having a good time!

Barb says that ever since then, Lucy talks about me non stop. Anytime Barb mentions something about one of her friends, Lucy says, "Your friend, Jill?" And when Barb's husband brought Lucy to the shop once, she actually let me get her out of the car and he said that she never goes to anyone.

So when we got to IHOP, Barb asked who Lucy wanted to sit next to. Here's her answer:


She is such a cutie!


Jennifer said...

Awwww, how cute! Doesn't it make you want one? ; )

Gina said...

That is so lovely, and you can give her back. That's even better.LOL

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Unknown said...

Great photo -- very cute! I'm sure you didn't know this but next time you think about going to IHOP you may want to keep in mind that IHOP has been exposed for animal cruelty and food safety issues. Check out the undercover video of IHOP's egg supplier:

Again, really fun photo -- you guys are too cute!

Babs said...

Is that what makes their eggs so good?!? Actually, I go for the pancakes.
Nevermind that they host National Pancake Day when they donate thousands and thousands of dollars to charity (going on millions). Shame on us Jill!!!!
And to think...I let my very own daughter eat there!