Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Friday Night Sew In

The gals running the Sew Ins decided to make the third Friday of every month a Sew In night. I think it's perfect!! For March, the night will begin my birthday weekend! :)

Go to Heidi's post and sign up to participate!!

I'm actually thinking about taking the whole day off. I could get a couple of quilts quilted during the day and still sew at night! It will depend on how the software upgrade goes that week at the office....


Michelle said...

There are a lot of Thursday afternoons, before Saturday quilting, that I will take 4 hours of vacation, so I can get my housework and laundry done, so I can totally relax on quilting Saturday...although lately, I haven't been doing anything except visiting with the girls!

Mrs Quilty said...

That sounds like a perfect sewing time! Enjoy!

Babs said...

LOL - I'm usually too pooped to even think about sewing on Fridays! I'd have to take off every Friday just to participate ;)

Maybe once I'm done with my subbing in May...oh, one can dream!!
Although, I should join you this month at your house [read: "crash your party"] so we can celebrate together!!!! I'll bring cake :)

March b-day HOLLLLLA!!!

Vicky said...

I'm toast on Friday evenings when I get home. But I'll be your best cheerleader!