Monday, February 1, 2010

Special Delivery

Today, there was a package from Regina with a quilt to be quilted and a special delivery for a couple of pups.


Max was so excited, I had to take a video!


And when that one was done, I had to get another one!


If you listen hard, you can hear Maisy grunting in the second video. And don't miss the fight scene in the second one, too!! lol

If you can't see the videos on the post, click the link directly under them and you can watch them in Webshots.


Regina said...

So glad the dogs liked the dogs! I am very surprised Snoopy survived the tug-o-war!!! You will have to let me know how long they survive!!!

Michelle said...

Loved the videos. What would we do without modern technology? Just thing....years ago, when you wrote someone a note, the postman had to delivery. Now, they arrive at the speed of sound. Awesome!

Shellie said...

So funny....

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

That is funny. Poor Snoopy. Are they still in one piece?!?!

Jennifer said...

Jenna and Jack will watch tomorrow! Love the videos!