Friday, February 12, 2010

Technical service needed

A few weeks ago, I had an accident with my laptop. I had a partial glass of Mt. Dew and it just sort of happened to tip over and part of that partial glass sort got onto the keyboard..............


I got a towel and paper towels and cleaned it all up as fast as I could, but.... well... Soft drinks of any kind just aren't good for technology.

The laptop still works - I'm using it right now. But the keyboard is shot. I tried cleaning it with Q-tips and alcohol and it seemed to help, but as soon as the alcohol evaporated ... the sticky keys were back.

I have been using a different keyboard and mouse, but the keyboard is constantly losing the connection and will turn off mid-sentence. It's very annoying!

I finally looked up my purchase info and saw that I have 4 months and 4 days left on my warranty... And I got the full coverage warranty!! Woo hoo!!

When I called on Wednesday night, they said that I would receive a box in 3-4 business days so that I could ship the laptop back to them. Cool! I thought I would have the weekend to write up some posts and schedule them to post during the time frame when the laptop was gone!

The box was on my doorstep tonight!!!

I have finished my back up of my data and I am going to pack the box up to ship it tomorrow. I should have it back in 3 weeks or so.

This means that I will be without a home computer unless I decide to turn on the tower at home, but I will still have to deal with keyboard issues because this one is from that PC. I will have access to email on my phone, but I'm afraid that the blogs will take a back seat for the next few weeks because there is no way that I can read all of the posts and try to comment from my phone. I would go cross eyed!!

I may have to start making some runs to the library to make use of the free access to the net.

And I am sure that with the time that will suddenly be freed up, I will be able to work on my goals!!! :)

I'm just envisioning the laptop going to the spa for a nice deep cleaning!!


Barb said...

We will miss you but still be here when you get back. Thank goodness for the warranty. My "wicked" step mother spilled a very sticky drink all over my keyboard/desk one year at a party and didn't bother to tell me. I discovered it the next day when my keyboard and mouse didn't work... picked it up and it was dripping blue hawaiian! Geez.

Michelle said...

I say just go buy a cheap keyboard, or try your keyboard with your tower. Dont leave us!
We'll miss you!

Gina said...

Will miss the pics of the doggies.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

InfinityQuilter/Knitter said...

Glad that you're getting your laptop fixed for FREE!!! You're going to have to take pictures along the way so you can post ALL of the things you've done while it's gone. Now get going and do something crafty!!!

Ruthie said...

How wonderful that you got that warranty!

Babs said...

You can always stop by Chez Chenault to visit Lucy and update from here :)

Regina said...

Oh no say it isn't so!!!
Here's hoping lappy has a full and speedy recovery after the "spa" visit! What a great image!!!

Ted and Donna said...

It's amazing how we have come to depend on our computers for so much. I HATE not being connected. When we travel we use campground wifi, libraries and Hampton Inn breakfast rooms (Ted has status there). I'd be lost without it. You should accomplish a lot in the interim. I look forward to seeing all you complete.

quiltin cntrygrl said...

Okay so you have to find a way to document all your finishes and then update all your posts if you are going to be gone that long.

Kristie said...

Hopefully it will not take them too long to fix it! When I worked, I did this constantly! I can't even remember how many keyboards that I went through. At one point, my boss ordered 2 keyboards to keep one on standby! :)